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Meet your new sidekick for fighting off dry, itchy winter skin!

Anyone who has ever had dry, itchy skin in winter knows how uncomfortable it can be, and the longer it goes on, the more desperate you become for relief. Frigid temperatures and indoor heating lead to dry air with low humidity, causing the moisture in our skin to evaporate. On top of that, daily habits like long hot showers and over-washing also do their part to turn healthy, smooth skin into itchy, dehydrated skin.

Feeling a little sensitive

Unfortunately soothing dehydrated skin isn’t always simple. When the moisture barrier weakens, our skin can become extremely sensitive and reactive, at which point some products can actually feel quite uncomfortable to apply. Other products struggle to deliver enough hydration to properly quench your skin and repair the moisture barrier, so whatever relief they do offer is short-lived.

A skin savior for winter

To truly heal and hydrate dry, itchy winter skin, experts recommend opting for a formula that’s been created with sensitive skin in mind, a face moisturizer for sensitive skin such as Biotherm Life Plankton™ Sensitive Balm . Formulated with a healing dose of 5% Life Plankton™, this hypoallergenic balm does more than provide instant relief: it creates a protective “second skin” over the epidermis, while replenishing moisture levels deep down to repair your weakened skin barrier.

Packaged in an airless hermetically sealed pack to the maintain the formula’s integrity, it couldn’t be easier to apply! Simply press and slide the pump as you would to unlock a smartphone and then apply the full dose to your skin. Use your fingertips to gently massage it in and then finish with smoothing movements, working from the center of your face toward the edges. With each application, your dehydrated skin will become restored, vibrant, and healthy.

Writer and expert
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