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Looking for a healthy complexion? Here is the answer!

Thought skincare was just for women? Well, you were wrong! No matter your age or whether you live in a cold or warm climate, establishing a good skincare routine is key - and this does not mean stealing a couple pumps of your girlfriend or wife’s fancy face cream whenever your skin feels dry or tight.

The fact is, you need to choose products that go with your skin type. Moreover, while men and women alike can benefit from good skincare practices, their skin differs greatly. For instance, men’s skin is thicker than women’s. Men are also more likely to have an oily skin type than women due to the fact that they have more sebaceous glands as a result of their increased testosterone levels. This often manifests as imperfections and skin congestion - particularly in adolescence. Regardless, it is important to choose good products and stick to a routine so you can get the best result.

Not sure where to start? We get it; the world of skincare can be confusing. To help you out, we have got everything you need to know about creating the ultimate men’s skincare routine so you can keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant or kick existing problems to the curb.

Step 1: Cleanse regularly

Since men typically have oilier skin, cleansing regularly is especially important. Still, many men think a quick splash of water - or worse - using a bar of soap is sufficient, but this actually does you more harm than good. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is important to wash your face daily as well as promptly after exercising. They also advise steering clear of conventional bar soap - as they often contain harsh chemicals which can dry out the skin - opting for a mild facial cleanser instead. So if you are guilty of skipping a post-workout shower, but you struggle with pimples and blackheads, therein may be the problem. Conversely, if a scorching hot shower is your end-of-the-day ritual, you are stripping your skin of necessary oils that help lock in moisture and keep it protected from external aggressors. Thus, sticking to lukewarm water and a gentle soap-free cleanser is best. As washing your face is the first step in any effective men’s skincare routine, we recommend the T-Pur Sea Salt facial cleanser, a cleansing gel for men with oily skin that rids the skin of impurities (dirt,dust, pollution) and wipes out any signs of oiliness, leaving it feeling fresh and flawless. Safe to use morning and night, as well as after a workout, it contains French sea salts, an entirely natural active ingredient, that helps to absorb shine and greasiness, while also purifying the skin, for a more matte, less shiny and healthier skin.

Step 2: Use a lotion

Using a lotion may not be automatic, however it might just be the secret weapon in your skincare that will do the trick for a healthy looking skin. Indeed, it is the in-between step after the cleanser and before the moisturizer, that will help rebalance and/or purify pores in depth depending on your skin type. Moreover, including a face lotion for men with oily skin in your skincare routine significantly improves the skin’s surface and balances its natural pH level, prepping it for a moisturizer. If you struggle with excess oil and imperfections, adding a purifying lotion is an absolute must. The T-Pur Anti-Oil and Shine Bi-phase Lotion is ideal as it reduces the look of pores and mattifies the skin after cleansing. Non-oily and refreshing, it quickly penetrates into the skin without leaving a sticky sensation. Sweep the lotion-soaked cotton pad over your face, and get ready for a clear, smooth and less sweaty skin!

Step 3: Moisturize your skin

Whether your skin is oily, dry, or somewhere in between, using a moisturizer is a non-negotiable part of a man’s skincare routine. The trick lies in ensuring you are using the right formula for your skin type. If you fall in the normal or oily camp like most men, the T-Pur Anti-Oil And Shine Moisturizer is the best moisturizer for men with oily skin. Since shaving removes the lipid layer that sits on the surface of your skin to help lock in moisture, it is important to reinforce the skin’s barrier even if your skin is oily. With its mattifying, non-greasy gel formula, it helps fight shine so you do not have to worry about looking sweaty or slick as the day progresses. It also contains anti-bacterial sea algae and zinc to regulate sebum - perfect for acne-prone skin types.

Step 4: Wear sunscreen daily

Chances are, you know how important it is to use sunscreen daily. Still, many men only wear sunscreen while on vacation, forgetting that they are exposing their skin to harsh UV rays on a daily basis. Harvard Health strongly advises using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and wearing it daily. This helps protect your skin from wrinkles, sun spots, and premature aging as a whole, which is much easier to prevent than to treat.

Step 5: Exfoliate twice a week

Along with shaving in the same direction your hair grows, Medical News Today notes that exfoliation is key to preventing ingrown hairs. However, shaving is a form of exfoliation in and of itself, so it is important not to exfoliate right after you shave as your skin is already in a vulnerable state. However, using an face exfoliator for men the day before you shave - ideally two times a week - is extremely helpful in preventing ingrown hairs as it helps remove dead skin cells, which can impede new growth from poking through the surface of the skin.

Now that you understand the steps involved in an effective men’s skincare routine, you ought to hit the ground running. Trust us, after a few weeks you will be shocked at the bright and healthy complexion you see in the mirror!

Writer and expert
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