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Discover the best way to make your skin more resistant.
19 Aug 2020

Living in the city goes hand in hand with urban aggressions on the skin. Pollution, UV rays, stress… Every day the skin has to deal with environmental stressors and taking care of it becomes an absolute must to keep it healthy and protected. Here we give you the keys to heal your skin and make it stronger!

Feeling completely lost in the world of skincare? Do not worry! Implementing a thoughtful skincare routine for men is really easy as long as you use the right product at the right time. First, it is important to understand why men’s skin need specific care (especially when you live in the city), how to give your skin the treatment it deserves, and what are the essential products that will make it stronger and help it face urban aggressions.

Why do I need to give my skin specific care?

Living an urban active life means your skin has to deal with specific aggressions such as pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep, stress etc. and this means it is fundamental to protect your skin efficiently. You may not be aware of it but men’s skin and concerns are quite different from women’s. Indeed, your skin may be thicker, it is actually more sensitive and the skin barrier function less efficient. Different factors can explain that, such as shaving, the influence of testosterone and the fact that most men do not wear any makeup (meaning you have nothing on your skin to protect it)! As a consequence, men’s skins are more exposed to external aggressors and need particular care. The good news is that by giving proper hydration to your skin, you will help heal, protect and make it more resistant. Get ready for the strongest, healthiest looking skin ever!

How to give my skin the care it needs?

To help your skin face the city and everything that goes with it like pollution, UV rays, lack of sleep, you need to power up your skin with the right skincare routine. This is when Aquapower Gel Moisturizer comes into play. This ultra-moisturizing oligo-thermal care quenches, tones and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple all day.

More than simply a moisturizer for men, Aquapower Gel Moisturizer provides potent hydration and makes your skin barrier more resistant. Indeed, partly because of shaving, the skin does not retain the water and needs to be moisturized even more. This one of a kind gel locks the water within your skin and makes your skin barrier more immune to face urban aggressions.

What better way to protect your skin from the external aggressors linked with city life than with the power of nature? Enriched with Biotherm’s unique Life Plankton™ water, Aquapower Gel heals, moisturizes and strengthens your skin. Around 5000L of Life Plankton™ water is concentrated in only one moisturizer giving your skin barrier the power to resist daily urban aggressions. The skin healing power of this unique regenerating water reconnects you to nature and helps your skin get the ultimate protection against damages caused by city life!

How to maximize the benefits of my skincare routine?

In order to fully benefit from the ultra moisturizing Aquapower Gel Moisturizer and its power to make your skin barrier more resistant, it is essential to implement the right skincare routine. Firstly, cleansing your skin is an absolute must no matter your skin type (normal, oily, combination). The Aquapower cleanser is the best cleanser for men and removes impurities while refreshing and strengthening your skin daily. Used under the shower or on wet skin, it will leave your skin clean, soft, comfortable and perfectly prepared for shaving. After cleansing your skin, we recommend you use a toner. Indeed, including a toner for men in your skincare routine may not be automatic, but it will make it even more efficient! In fact, applying this type of lotion for men improves the skin’s surface and balances its natural pH level, prepping it for a moisturizer. Using a toner such as The Aquapower lotion will hydrate and invigorate your skin while giving it an instantly soothing after shave . You will have guessed it, moisturizing is only step 3 and although implementing a skincare routine may sound too constraining, you will soon realize that it is totally worth it!

You are having the feeling you will not be able to fit this routine in? While it is true that our fast-paced life sometimes prevents us from taking time for ourselves, it remains fundamental. Implementing this protecting mens skincare routine will make you feel fresh, strong and confident… 100% ready to face up the city!

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