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19 Aug 2020

You are looking for healthy skin, but do not know where to start? For a strong, revitalized skin, it is fundamental to implement the best skincare routine for men that is adapted to your skin type. If you do not have a clue about your skin type or what a skincare routine implies, do not worry, we have got you covered!

Just starting taking care of your skin? Or have the feeling your skincare routine for men has not adapted? Either way, it is necessary to determine your skin type to then be able to apply adapted products that will reinforce and protect your skin against external aggressors as well as the time flying by. Read on to learn everything about the best skincare routine to adopt depending on your skin type.

What is my skin type?

Assessing your skin type is not always easy but figuring it out will definitely help you implement an efficient skincare routine and use the right products. Skin types can range in multiple forms: oily skin, dry skin, normal to combination, or mature

Dry skin: if your skin is tight, tends to itch, has a rough and flaky appearance, it is highly likely that you have dry skin.

Normal skin: if your skin tends to be supple, soft and fine-pored, chances are you have a normal skin (lucky you!) but that does not mean you should not take care of it.

Oily skin: if you have acne-prone skin with a shiny complexion, open pores, pimples and blackheads. It is caused by an excess of sebum production.

Combination skin: it tends to have two skin types across the face - normal to dry around the cheeks and chin -, and oily skin around the T-zone of the forehead and nose.

Mature skin: finally, mature skin is a result of the years going by… In fact, as we grow older the skin evolves and its appearance is altered. Mature skin usually lacks moisture and elasticity, while wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots begin to appear.

How can I purify oily skin?

With the excess of sebum production, oily skin tends to be shiny and greasy. And let’s be clear, our intense urban life does not make it easier! With our accelerated daily rhythm, skin often feels dirty, it has an imperfect appearance and its shininess becomes hard to control. Enriched with sea minerals complex – anti-bacterial sea algae extract and zinc –, the T-PUR range of skincare products are a treatment for oily skin for men that purifies the skin and remove any traces of greasiness and oiliness. As the first step of this purifying routine, you can start with the T-Pur Anti-Oil and Shine Purifying Cleanser to remove your skin from its impurities, regulate sebum, and master excess of sweat. Skin is mattified, feels cleaner, and pores are tightened. You can follow this first cleansing step with the T-Pur Anti-Oil and Shine Bi-Phase Lotion, a salt-infused bi-phase lotion that help get rid of oiliness, fights shine, and leaves your skin neat and mattified. Finally, the T-Pur Anti-Oil and Shine Ultra Absorbing and Mattifying Moisturizing Gel, will make your skin look neat and mattified all day long. With its light-weight, refreshing, and ultra-absorbing gel texture, this moisturizer will instantly penetrate your skin and prevent shiny skin.

How to moisturize normal, combination, or dry skin?

Moisturizing and protecting the skin from intense daily urban life is a must for a healthy, strong skin. Indeed, there is no doubt urban life has an impact on your skin, therefore it needs to be healed and strengthened to fight external aggressors (pollution, climate, shaving…). Looking for a way to power up your normal, combination, or dry skin with an efficient skincare routine? The Aquapower moisturizer, is what you need. With its oligo-thermal formula — a combination of hydrating, revitalizing amino acids, vitamins E, vitamin C, and B5 further boosted by soothing Life Plankton™—, this ultra-hydrating moisturizer for men, hydrates your skin while leaving it fresh, strengthened and softened. Day after day, your skin is more resistant against external daily aggressions and stays with a comfortable feeling all day long. To remove impurities and refresh your skin, you can start by cleansing your skin with the best face cleanser for men: Aquapower Cleanser. With its fresh gel formula that transforms into foam, it leaves your skin clean, soft, and comfortable. For an even more intense feeling of freshness and hydration, follow the cleansing or shaving with the Aquapower Lotion, a lotion that will invigorate your skin and soothe it. With this ultra-moisturizing skincare routine, your skin will be ready to face the city!

How can I control mature skin?

As we grow older, signs of skin aging can start to surface. Skin loses its elasticity, lacks moisture, and becomes dull. This is often caused by the fact that skin becomes dry in later years of life. Enriched with Youth Algae ™ extract, Life Plankton ™, and Prox-xylane, the Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream, acts on all signs of aging. It tones, improves sagging skin, strengthens, and improves skin texture. Used day and night, this anti aging cream for men leaves skin stronger, reshaped, and tonic. For maximum efficiency, you can combine this cream with the Force Supreme Youth Architect Serum, an anti aging serum for men, specifically created to reduce wrinkles, firm the skin, and increase its tonicity. With this anti-aging skincare routine, you can be sure saggy, dry skin will be hydrated, smoothed, and revitalized.

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