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Discover the ways to make your skin glow no matter your age!
02 Oct 2019

Fast pace of life, daily city stress, lack of sleep... No matter your age, your skin is regularly under attack. All of these daily agressions can have an impact on your skin barrier function and cause our skin to look dull. Good news, there are easy ways to save and heal your skin and make it glowy again!

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or in your 50s and beyond, you have to deal with the impact intense daily life can have on your skin. Make-up, pollution, stress, poor diet, smoke, UV rays... Many factors slow down our skin’s cell regeneration, hydration retention and that’s when the signs of aging start to show. There is a solution for every age that will boost the radiance of your skin and make it healthy again!

I am in my 20s, how can I give my skin a glow?

Dull skin happens to everyone, even to young skins! Specifically created for the younger generation, Aqua Super Concentrate Glow combines the power of Life Plankton™ with Vitamin C – an antioxidant known for its exceptional brightening capabilities – and natural glycerin to heal dull, rough, dehydrated skin. This lightweight moisturizing emulsion instantly restores your radiance. With its glow enhancing technology, Aqua Super Concentrate Glow makes your skin instantly smoother, more luminous while correcting and perfecting your uneven tone –your skin looks healthier overall. Get ready for a shot of glow and say goodbye to dullness and fine lines!

I am in my 30s, how can I regenerate my skin to restore its glow?

Our skin has to battle everyday against oxidative and inflammatory stressors that weaken it and prevent it from looking at its best. Constantly under attack, it spends all of its energy on battling these aggression instead of maintaining its fundamental renewal. Over the years, our skin becomes dull and wrinkles and fine lines slowly start to appear. That’s why having a beauty routine is so important, but regardless of how efficient your skincare product may be, your skin will not benefit from it unless it is restored to its optimal state of regeneration first. That is when Life Plankton ™ Elixir comes in. This regenerating serum contains Biotherm’s miraculous healing ingredient Life Plankton™ at its highest concentration (5%) and transforms the skin in three ways: it defends, reinforces and regenerates. Promoting the cell renewal process, the result is regenerated healthy skin from the first 8 days, with results that only keep getting better. Visibly transformed, your skin is ready to glow!

I am in my 40s, how can I boost the firmness and radiance of my skin?

As years go by, signs of aging start to show –wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin tightness... Enriched with Red Algae, Life Plankton™ and Algae of Youth, Biotherm Blue Therapy Red Algae Cream has the power to boost the firmness and radiance of your skin. This velvety, comforting cream will strengthen, heal and repair your skin and leave it with a healthy rosy glow. Instantly soft and hydrated, your skin is lifted, contours re-defined and wrinkles smoothed. The days of dull and saggy looking skin are over, now is the time to illuminate your skin with a rosy, youthful glow!

I am in my 50s, how can I restore my skin from within and make it glowy?

Are you looking for a natural way to heal the signs of time? Blue Therapy Amber Algae Day Cream is the solution. Enriched with a unique blend of nutrients -Amber Algae, Life Plankton™, vegetal oils, shea butter and mineral calcium –this cream fights dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone. Its star ingredient –Amber Algae –revitalizes the skin texture to give the skin back its natural radiance. Within a few hours, your skin is toned and firmer. Its rich and melting texture contains micro-pearls that smoothly melt on your skin when applied. Blue Therapy Amber Algae Day Cream will hydrate, revitalize and give a healthy glow to your skin thanks to its rosy, illuminating micro-pearls. Beyond the skin firming power brought by the Blue Therapy Red Algae cream, Blue Therapy Amber Algae Day Cream acts on the signs of aging by revitalizing the skin from within.

Achieving a healthy, natural glow has never been easier, no matter your age, no matter your skin!

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