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Spring is coming with lots of things to look forward to: longer and brighter days, warmer temperatures and above all the pleasure of seeing nature coming alive again.
10 May 2019

The first step to give your skin a fresh start is exfoliation. It’s the best way to get rid of old skin and replace it with a clean, healthy and renewed one! If you’re looking for an efficient but gentle way to eliminate dead skincells, Biotherm’s LIFE PLANKTON™ MILD CREAMY PEEL with Life Plankton™ is the way to go. Exfoliation will visibly improve the appearance of your skin and leave you with a renewed, smooth and less wrinkled skin. Nonetheless, always remember to limit it to twice a week to avoid irritation.

Rejuvenate your skin

In this season of renewal, give your skin the chance to get its own revitalization and the smooth and silky look you’ve always desired. Choosing Life Plankton™ Essence is a good way to start. Formulated with thermal Life Plankton™, a living microorganism with 35 vitamins, nutrients, lipids, amino acids, and trace elements, Biotherm’s iconic face essence is your gateway to a healthy and renewed skin. As lightweight as water and as effective as serum, Life Plankton™ Essence penetrates deep into the skin to accelerate cell renewal and skin repair. In as little as 8 days, the essence heals imperfections and the first signs of aging. Say hello to a smooth and radiant skin!

Get that healthy rosy glow back

Do you want to say goodbye to wintery dull skin? Now is the time to get some radiance back! Life Plankton™ mask will repair, soothe and renew your irritated skin. Apply this overnight mask after Life Plankton™ Essence and you’ll wake up with a luminous, smooth and bouncy skin. Morning after morning, your skin will appear radiant and dewy, perfectly in line with spring’s brighter days!

Say hi to brighter eyes

Are you dreaming of a cream to help you get rid of dark circles and fine lines around your eyes? Life Plankton™ Eye fights the thinning of the skin around your eyes and reverses aging of the eye area. Containing 5 % Life Plankton™ – the highest concentration possible – over time, it regenerates skin, layer by layer, to fight puffiness, diminish and smooth imperfections. In 8 days, your gaze is renewed, looks brighter and gets its youthful brilliance back!

Get serious about sun protection

You’ve done everything to have renewed skin, but what about its protection? Sun is finally shining and chances of spending more time outdoors are growing, as well as getting sun damage. While wearing broad-spectrum SPF each and every day of the year (rain or not) is a must, this new season is the time to get even more serious about applying sun protection. Prevent premature aging with Biotherm’s sunscreen collection, and you can even choose to practice smart sun care with Biotherm’s Sun Protection.

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