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Sunny days are the opportunity to spend time outdoors, enjoy a break in the sun and embrace the cool summer vibe. Even for a quick lunch break, UV rays can damage your skin. Here are some tips to soothe and renew it!
25 Jan 2019

Sometimes the temptation is just too high. You know you are not wearing any protection, but the need to feel the warm sun on your skin goes beyond your skincare conscience. Unfortunately, chances are you will end up with a sunburn, or at least with red and irritated skin.

So now what? Infused at its highest concentration with Biotherm’s miraculous ingredient Life Plankton™, Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion is a moisturizer for sensitive skin that hydrates and protects the skin from daily environmental aggressors. It instantly soothes skin reactions and day after day reinforces the skin and renews it. With its lightweight fluid texture, this emulsion fuses instantly with all skin types and comforts them, even the most sensitive ones. A quick and efficient way to relieve your reddened skin and make it stronger!

You will also want to apply a product at night to comfort your damaged skin. The extreme soothing and intense repair Life Plankton™ mask will recreate bounce and calm your dry and irritated skin. With its fresh hydrogel texture, this overnight mask will leave you with a luminous, healthy and renewed skin.

Your body feels also irritated from that quick exposure? One easy and natural relieving tip is to soak in a lukewarm bath with two cups of oatmeal or one cup of evaporated milk. Once out of the bath, you can apply some Aloe Vera gel if you are really in pain. Last but not least, drinking loads of water can help to moisturize your skin internally and make it healthy. Feeling renewed? Next time don’t forget your sunscreen and your coolest shades!

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