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Heal your skin from daily aggressions with this slow beauty routine
27 Apr 2020

For most of us living a high paced life, slowing down is our goal. While it is not always easy to really take time for yourself everyday (i.e. meditate, read or literally doing nothing), you can try to infuse the slow life mode into your beauty routine to heal your skin from daily aggressions. Here are some tips that will make your skin healthy and glowing again!
Our mind and our body need to slow down. And guess what? Our skin too! Implementing an at-home beauty routine that will really take care of your skin in depth with lasting effects is a first step to reducing the impacts of an intense urban life. Say goodbye to dull, uneven, damaged skin... the days of a healthy-looking skin are back!

How can I heal my skin in depth?

Making your skin adopt the slow life mode comes with treating, protecting and renewing it. And we have got just the perfect ingredient to save your skin from daily urban aggressions. In fact, since discovering Life Plankton™ in 1952, Biotherm has developed a series of products infused with the miraculous healing force of this unique natural ingredient. Life Plankton™ was discovered by Dr. Jos Jullien in the French Pyrenees. After years of research, Biotherm biologists developed a bio-fermentation process which allowed Life Plankton™ to be made 400 000 times more concentrated than that of its natural state. Isolated and amplified through this process, Life Plankton™ helps to reignite the skin's regenerating powers and renew it. What are the steps for a skincare routine in the slow life mode?

Firstly, adopting a slow life mode for your skincare routine implies that you take time to unwind and take time for yourself. When at home, allow yourself to really dedicate a moment for your skin and your mind. For instance, you can choose to implement a bathing ritual where you use specific products that will remind you of a spa visit –a scrub or a showering foam with an invigorating or relaxing fragrance for instance –, anything that can uplift your spirit. Using products that you need to apply for several minutes such as masks for the face, the hair or the feet for example, is another good way to implement a mindful skincare routine. Applying these slow life tips in your beauty routine will benefit your mind, and allow your skin to be healed, healthy and feel regenerated.

Step 1: Fundamental healing

The first step to a regenerated skin? Create a healthy-looking canvas to prepare your skin and allow it to benefit from the product the best possible way. With its texture halfway between a cosmetic water and a serum, Life Plankton™ Essence easily penetrates into your skin to heal it and renew it in depth. Infused with Biotherm’s unique regenerating ingredient, this essence uses the power of nature to give pristine skin. As a fundamental healing ritual, Life Plankton™ Essence is the best face essence for a slow life beauty routine. It takes care of your skin in depth and reveals its powers after a regular mindful application.Within a few weeks, you will see a visible transformation with a smoother, younger,and more even skin.

Step 2: Targeted treatment

Specifically created to complement the power of the essence, Life Plankton™Day & Night Ampoules have been designed to fill lines and re-plump skin. Developed as an in depth and targeted treatment,Life Plankton™Day & Night Ampoules will heal your skin when it is over-solicited by urban aggressions, changes of seasons, pollution... Thanks to its two key ingredients : Patented Bioscience –known for its power to repair, defend and regenerate skin –, and Bio-fermented Hyaluronic Acid –a powerful agent able to hold 1000 times its weight in water to heal the signs of aging –, this treatment provides a natural and efficient solution. In the morning, apply Life Plankton™ Day Ampoule’s non-oily texture to fill lines, and Life Plankton™ Night Ampoule’s full-face rich texture in the evening to re-plump skin. In a matter of days, your skin is healthier and stronger with visible plumpness and reduced fine lines.

Step 3: A renewed eye area

Your slow life skincare routine will not be complete without a specific healing treatment cream for the eye contour. The eye area is a fundamental yet very delicate part of your face, and giving special attention to it is a must for a mindful beauty routine. Nutritious and light, Life Plankton™ Eye envelopes your eye area to form a second natural skin barrier and protect it from further aggression. This creamy gel intensely hydrates and nourishes your eye contour while also fighting eye bags and dark circles. In 8 days, your eye area appears softer and brighter. And within days, your delicate eye contour looks younger, smoother and firmer –it has been saved from accelerated aging.

Step 4: Deep hydration

When you need an efficient soothing result to erase the impact of stress on your skin, Life Plankton™ Essence-in-mask Facial Sheet Mask is the solution.Made from a unique biodegradable organic cotton, this mask releases a high amount of facial essence into the skin to infuse it with the regenerating power of Life Plankton™. In one application (lasting 8 minutes) your burnout skin feels soothed, intensely hydrated and more luminous. Used twice a week, this healing mask will regenerate, soften and make your skin look suppler and clearer. Get ready to welcome a regenerated and healthy skin!

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Regenerate and heal your skin with Life Plankton™, a rare natural living ingredient with extraordinary skin-healing powers. The Life Plankton range boosts skin regeneration to achieve a visibly healthy and flawless complexion. Reignite skin’s natural biological renewal process for visibly younger, newborn skin in 8 days.

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