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5 tips for keeping your skin healthy and glowing in the early days of motherhood
01 Feb 2019

As a new mom, there’s no doubt you’ve got your hands full. From feeding and rocking to bathing and changing, your new little one requires so much attention and care that it’s hard to find much time for yourself these days. However motherhood doesn’t have to mean the end of healthy, glowing skin! We’ve put together a list of skincare essentials to keep you looking and feeling your best as you enter this exciting new stage of life.

A secret skincare weapon for when you’re short on time

Your mother-in-law, your favorite colleague, your best friend: over the next few weeks lots of well-meaning loved ones will be calling to ask if they can stop by and see the baby on short notice. These visits tend to include lots of photo-taking, so it’s natural if you want to look as radiant and fresh-faced as possible! Enter: Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence-in-Mask!

Formulated with these skincare emergencies in mind, Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence-in-Mask offers rapid skin regeneration in one application. The biodegradable organic cotton sheet mask is soaked in a generous amount of face essence that releases into the skin over a period of 8 minutes (also known as ‘just enough time to sterilize bottles’). Once you remove the mask, massage any remaining essence into your intensely hydrated, perfectly smooth skin and you’ll be all set for company!

Choose products that pull double duty

To avoid blemishes, opt for an exfoliating cleanser to remove impurities from the skin and clear away dead skin cells in one single step. Even if you only have a few seconds, this simple action will ensure your skin stays free from imperfections. Massage a dose of Biotherm Biosource Gelée Micellaire melting cleanser onto damp skin, allowing it to dissolve that heavy-duty concealer you’ve been using to hide dark under-eye circles! After a few moments, rinse away the cleanser and admire the fresh feeling and smooth skin texture left behind.

Keep your products right on the counter

The best way to make sure your skin is cleansed and hydrated on the regular is to keep a small selection of products out right where you’ll see them, such as your bathroom counter. Take advantage of the moments when baby is playing with dad or having a nap to wash your face and pop on some moisturizer. These simple actions are what will keep you feeling like yourself when you haven’t slept for three nights in a row!

Biotherm Aquasource Daily Regenerating Gel combines the healing power of thermal Life Plankton™ with illuminating Medicinal Aura Leaf™ to brighten your complexion while restoring skin hydration levels. Massage a dose of the creamy gel into your skin, enjoying the fresh texture and energizing fragrance as it absorbs, for smooth, glowing skin day after day.

Look for skin healing ingredients

During your pregnancy and after your baby is born, it’s not uncommon for your skin to act up. Blemishes, imperfections, and skin texture issues can all work together to leave your skin a little less perfected than you’d like. Biotherm Life Plankton™ Essence boasts a water-light texture that sinks deep into the skin with the potency of a serum for maximum skin-healing effectiveness. Formulated with the highest concentration of thermal Life Plankton™, a living microorganism celebrated for its ability to heal imperfections and the first signs of aging, this innovative essence works to regenerate skin from deep down.

As often as you can, smooth 3-5 drops of the face essence between your palms and then apply it to your face by gently dabbing it into your skin. Next, use your fingertips to tap the sides of your face like falling rain to increase penetration, before pressing and rolling your fingers over your face in wave-like motions to improve circulation. Once absorbed, the essence works at the cellular level to make your skin as smooth and soft as newborn skin.

Keep lip balm in your pocket

What better way to while away the hours than smooching your newborn from head to toe? For that you’ll want to keep your lips soft and hydrated so we recommend keeping a lip balm like Biotherm Beurre de Levres in the pocket of your favorite robe or lounge pants so you can swipe it over your lips throughout the day!

Pregnancy and motherhood may have given you a certain glow but for the rest you can rely on Biotherm skincare!

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