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Biotherm’s tips to heal, prepare and make your skin look smooth and healthy for the new season!
26 Jun 2019

Just as much as you adapt your wardrobe and your eating habits when seasons change, adapting your skincare routine is a must when the weather shifts. After your skin soaked up summer sun, it is now time for it to face fall. Here are some tips to heal, prepare and make your skin look smooth and healthy for the new season!

Prevent seasonal dryness

No matter what skin type you have – dry, normal, oily, or combination –, sensitive skin can arise at any given moment. It can be caused by simple things such as environmental factors or your lifestyle.

For instance, the stress and lack of sleep because you got back to work, or the cold weather that is slowly making its way each day are likely to weaken your moisture barrier. The problem is that the moisture barrier helps to keep your skin hydrated and to protect it from external aggressors such as dirt and pollution. So when it becomes fragile, your skin gets vulnerable and has difficulty defending itself, and it ends up being reactive, painful, red, and inflamed. But don’t worry healing and bringing your sensitive skin back to a healthy and hydrated state is easy!


Heal your sensitive skin


Your skin is showing signs of redness and irritation? This means that it is dehydrated and that the barrier is damaged. The first step to soothe this sensitive skin is to use a deeply nourishing moisturizer. Biotherm Life Plankton™ Sensitive Emulsion neutralizes the redness, and discomfort of sensitized skin. This daily moisturizer for sensitive skin is enriched with the highest concentration possible of healing Life Plankton™, a miraculous ingredient which has been proven to act as an anti-inflammatory and to restore skin balance. With its hypoallergenic formula, this creamy fluid creates a protective shield that locks in moisture. Your skin finally feels smooth, comforted and healthy!

You can also opt for a nurturing balm. With its unique balm-in-gel texture, Aquasource Cocoon nourishes your skin while giving it a sensation of freshness. The balm instantly heals, comforts and protects your skin with a 48-hour intense hydration. Your skin is wrapped in a silky veil and left with a smooth touch. Day after day, skin feels hydrated, healthy and more comfortable.

Regenerate your skin

Now that you have healed and helped your sensitive skin recover from the damages caused by the change of season, it is also important to regenerate it. First thing to do? Implement a healing serum in your beauty routine. No matter your skin age or skin conditions are, Life Plankton ™ Elixir acts as a fundamental care. Infused with Life Plankton ™ at its highest concentration, this unique serum protects, treats and regenerates your skin. Its non-sticky texture closely resembles the structure of the skin and perfectly blends in to act as a powerful defender and healer. It soothes and rejuvenates your skin by promoting the cell renewal process. In as little as 8 days, your skin quality is improved and redness and wrinkles are reduced.

Created to be used as the first step in any skincare routine, the Elixir strengthens, improves firmness and makes your skin appear healthier and smoother. Your skin is transformed and its overall appearance improved!

Treat yourself

This change of season is also your opportunity to upgrade your showering routine and improve your well-being. You have started your on-the-go lifestyle again but you can act before it starts affecting the balance of your mind and your skin and before signs of fatigue start showing! Biotherm’s Bath Therapy range is your chance to escape the world in a single shower and to transform your daily routine with an aromatic bath ritual that heals inside and out.

Whether you are looking to calm, energize or detoxify, Bath Therapy’s three new aromatic Shower Gels – the relaxing, the invigorating or the delighting blend – will uplift your spirit and leave your skin purified and hydrated. With its gel-to-foam formula, it has a sensorial texture and leaves your skin with a lasting, satin-soft finish.

Do not hesitate to complete this delicious healing ritual with a smoothing Body scrub and a hydrating cream for body and hands. Renew your skin and your mind with these addictive scents, boost your bath routine and say hello to a healthy look!

And just remember that no matter the season or the temperatures – hot, cold, humid, dry etc. –, taking care of your skin will make you look good and most importantly feel incredibly healthy!

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