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Feb 3, 2017
Keep your skin Quenched and deeply moisturized with Aquapower range from Biotherm Homme.

It is official, summer break has begun. Are you hitting the road for a little while? Whether you are surfing on the Pacific coast or backpacking in South East Asia, you are not exempt from skincare. Indeed, summer conditions involve humidity, sea salt, sand, pollution and sun. All together, these factors can harm your skin by dehydrating it. Keep it deeply moisturized with Aquapower range from Biotherm Homme, specifically created for men looking for skincare that will quench their skin throughout the day.

Summer routine: what should I start with?

Before applying anything on your skin, it is crucial to cleanse your skin. A good habit that you should also keep in summer. Indeed, it is very likely that you will spend more time outdoor, exposing your skin to external agressions like air pollution and sun.

Enriched with a combination of oligo-elements and potent cleansing agents, Aquapower Cleanser for Men will help you to cleanse your skin and get rid of impurities, excess sebum, dust and pollution particles on your skin.

Use daily before shaving or under the shower, and enjoy its refreshing foaming texture. Your skin is left soft, fresh and purified for a day full of adventures!

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again!

It is essential to keep your skin deeply hydrated. Indeed, outdoor activities under the summer sun tend to weaken our skin’s resilience. Hydration is the best way to restore it. Do not forget to slip Aquapower Moisturizer in your suitcase, one of the best moisturizers for men designed by Biotherm Homme.

Thanks to its exclusive formula enriched with oligo-elements and vitamins, this product quenches the skin for hours. Use this moisturizer for men every morning after cleansing your skin with Aquapower Cleanser. After use, your skin will feel fresh all day long and more resistant to external aggressions.

You are now ready to live your life to the fullest during the summer holidays!

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