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You often feel like you don’t have a second for yourself? In our busy and accelerated life, it’s essential to take a moment to treat ourselves.
25 Apr 2019

Even if (we think) we don’t have time to do so! Here are three simple tips that’ll make you feel good and fresh again.

Take a breath of fresh air

Being surrounded by nature makes us feel good and renewed. It calms and eases our mind. Unfortunately, most of us don’t feel close to it when we live in the city and sit behind a desk at work all day. But finding little bits and pieces of nature is possible even in urban areas! You can also choose to engage in a skincare routine that will bring you back to nature. Infused with natural scents, Biotherm’s Bath Therapy’s new range of body scrubs and shower gels have been specially conceived for a healing bath ritual. Take a breath of fresh air, every time you shower!

Escape under water

You find it hard to take a pause even during your skincare beauty routine? And yet taking care of your body, like showering for instance, is one of the best moments to take a calm, fresh and renewing moment for yourself! With its mix of grapefruit, sage, rose and musk, Biotherm’s Bath Therapy Delighting shower gel detoxifies, rebalances and helps your mind disconnect. A calming ritual for the body and the mind that will make you feel renewed and refreshed.

Embrace digital detox

In our perpetually connected world, it’s difficult to break away. Even when we’re alone, the temptation to reach out to our phone and scroll endlessly over social media is there. What if you tried unplugging? You’ll find that escaping massive distraction and reserving some time for solo adventures can be a good way to rediscover yourself. Taking time out will make you feel renewed as well as squeezing in some spa time once in a while to help your skin breathe again. For instance, applying the Skin Oxygen Wonder Mud mask will diminish your skin’s visible pores and give it a healthy glow. Ready to feel fresh again?

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