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Biotherm has the eye bags treatment without surgery and eye cream for bags and wrinkles. Learn what causes bags under eyes and how to remove eye bags for younger looking skin. Get the under eye bags cream today!

What cream should I be using for under eye bags?

Under eye bags are never fun to deal with! They are typically brought on by a lack of sleep and can make your entire complexion look dull, tired, and aged. Under eye bags also tend to make the eyes look puffy and sometimes are accompanied by dark circles.A good eye cream will eliminate all of these things though so that you achieve a complexion that looks well rested, bright, and more youthful. So, what is the best cream for under eye bags? You’re in luck because we have a few! 

Our Blue Therapy Eye cream is a stellar option! This eye cream is great for hiding under eye bags, repairing existing wrinkles, adding firmness, and hiding darkness. This eye cream is our most intense formula, so you’re getting incredible results from it. The eye cream does a great job reducing the appearance of under eye bags but also acts on the signs of accumulated damage to give you the appearance of younger, luminous looking skin! The formula smooths wrinkles while the eye contour feels noticeably tighter. Any under eye darkness is visibly reduced too for a noticeable transformation that all skin types can benefit from!

We also have Our Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer! It works wonders on dark circles, dehydration lines, and bags underneath your eyes. The eye cream is formulated with all of the same hydration ingredients as our Aquasource moisturizer and it also contains a specific combination of cooling and de-puffing ingredients to provide your under eye area with a cooling effect! Any under eye bags look visibly de-puffed immediately, dark circles appear reduced, dehydration lines look smoothed, and your eye contour stays hydrated all day long! The light, refreshing gel texture feels so cooling on the skin and this eye cream is suitable for those with sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, and those who wear contact lenses.

And, if you’re looking for even more ways to diminish pesky under eye bags, we also have our Blue Therapy Eye-Opening Serum, which works to make skin around the eye to be visibly lifted, under eye bags to look de-puffed, and wrinkles to appear smoothed! The formula combines Algae of Youth™ extracts and an innovative pearl-applicator for a cooling sensation upon application. The serum can also be applied to lashes to strengthen them and make your mascara easier to apply! 

Which eye cream will you choose to erase the bags underneath your eyes?