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A super skincare ingredient known for its brightening properties, reducing the appearance of dark spots on the skin and fighting the effects of Urban Accelerating Aging. Biotherm’s stabilized Vitamin C is produced from potatoes using combination of biotech and green chemistry. It is used in Biotherm’s anti-aging products such as Life Plankton Elixir, listed under ascorbyl glucoside.

Skin Concerns:

Uneven skin tone,

Vitamin C Skin Benefits:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect and regenerate your skin—products with Vitamin C for the face help to neutralize daily aggressors such as pollution particles and UV exposure. Applying a face serum with Vitamin C helps the skin heal by producing more collagen and elastin, which keeps your skin soft, protected, and glowing.


Aqua Super Concentrate Glow is a cream gel with Vitamin C that combines the power of Life Plankton™ with this fortified antioxidant. Use this lightweight glow-enhancing moisturizing emulsion for a Vitamin C brightening serum effect with the long-lasting hydration of a day cream. If you are searching for the best Vitamin C serum, our bestselling Life Plankton™ Elixir is enriched with Vitamin C for the skin to visibly reduce signs of aging and improve skin quality in just 8 days.


Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a nutrient essential for healing your body and can help a strong immune system. Since the body doesn't produce vitamin C, it is easy to suffer from vitamin C deficiency if your diet doesn't include fruits and vegetables.

Skincare products like vitamin C serums and creams offer many benefits for the skin. It brightens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, reduces the appearance of dark spots, helps reduce signs of aging, and hydrates. It is also safe for most of skin types and helps protect against sun damage.

Since vitamin C obstructs the production of melanin, which influences skin color, it helps dark spots and hyperpigmentation fade. If you want to enjoy healthy skin with plenty of vitamin C, topical skincare products are more effective than consuming supplements or other foods.

Yes! Vitamin C serums can help with the side effects of acne. Since vitamin C provides anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient can help diminish redness and swelling often accompanied by acne. Skincare with vitamin C can also reduce acne scar appearance.

If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to avoid skincare products with L-ascorbic acid. Try serums and creams with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate instead, like our Life Plankton™ Serum Regenerating Elixir