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Ultra Fresh Body Replenisher

Get the total-body cool-down experience a brand new gel texture in a body moisturizer. For the firs ... Read full description

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For the first time, the highest concentration of Life Plankton™ in a body milk to deeply restore skin quality and act on lack of firmness. What's unique about it: This multi-corrective body milk formula is powered by Biotherm's core ingredient Life Plankton™ and enriched with a blend of natural and natural-origin corrective oils and shea butter. Day after day, your skin feels firmer, smoother and more hydrated and its protective barrier gets reinforced. Its soft and smooth texture is easy to apply and infused in a refined musky fragrance. Hypoallergenic formula and fragrance. Tested on sensitive skin. Your product is now in a new sustainable packaging bottle made of 100% recycled plastic, and is recyclable.* *excluding colourant, excluding additives. Excluding the pump. Key ingredients: A complex of natural and natural-origin corrective oils (olive oil, passiflora edulis seed oil, apricot kernel oil, corn oil, rice oil) shea butter. Life Plankton™ probiotic fraction: a 100% natural active sourced from nature, amplified by bioscience. Life Plankton™ Multi-Corrective Body Milk received a score of 100/100 on . This app has over 25 million users worldwide and is used to decipher product labels and analyze the health impact of cosmetics. * Please note that the packaging may differ from the image, however the content and formula remain the same.

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The best of our restoring expertise now for your body. A multi-corrective body oil enriched with Life Plankton™ Water to deliver visible results in 28 days against stretch marks and dry areas. What's unique about it : this Multi-corrective formula is blended with natural corrective oils and Life Plankton™ Water, Biotherm's core ingredient. Day after day, this body oil diminishes the color and relief of your stretch marks while deeply repairing your skin and acting on firmness. This non-greasy, soft texture is infused with a refined musky fragrance. Hypoallergenic formula and fragrance. Tested on sensitive skin. Key ingredients : Blend of three natural corrective oils (Canola Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil), mineral-rich Life Plankton™ Water and anti stretch mark Tasmanol. Infused with refined musky fragrance, each product in the LIFE PLANKTON™ MULTI-CORRECTIVE collection blends cedrat, rose, muguet, white musk and powdery base notes.  Life Plankton™ Multi-Corrective Body Oil received a score of 100/100 on . This app has over 25 million users worldwide and is used to decipher product labels and analyze the health impact of cosmetics. APPROVED BY WOMEN, WHO AGREED* : Skin seems immediately suppler for 95 % Skin seems immediately more refined for 92 % Skin looks more beautiful for 96 % Skin feels nourished for 97 % *Self-assessment evaluation on 75 Caucasian women aged from 35 to 60 years old immediately and after 4 weeks.

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This summer, discover our playful Lait Corporel Limited Edition designed by American artist Pablo Rochat. Adorning a smiling plankton illustration in pop and vibrant colors, this Limited Edition is a positive reminder of the crucial role of phytoplanktons for our oceans, working day in and day out to produce the oxygen that we breathe.  Enriched with citrus essences, our Limited Edition body milk will restore your body skin barrier and offer a 48h protection against dryness. Deliciously smooth and fabulously fresh, this everyday body milk instantly helps the skin look smooth and satiny. It works to help repair flaky skin, restore the skin's protective barrier and protect its natural elasticity.  For every Lait Corporel Limited Edition sold in 2022, $1* will go directly to Plastic Oceans to support Blue Communities, coastal regions that are dependent on waterways and vulnerable to the harmful impact of pollution in our waters. *Up to the objective of $20,000

Old price New price $36.00

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Shipping is free (USPS Ground-Most orders will be delivered within 7-12 business days) with an order of $45 and more before tax. ships via USPS to US addresses only, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and military APO/FPO destinations. Biotherm will not ship to any International Shipping Services such as DHL Borderlinx, VPost or comGateway. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, military APO/FPO destinations or US territories can only be shipped through standard shipping mode and will take up to 30 days.

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If your package was damaged in shipment by the carrier, and its content rendered unusable, save the box and the merchandise and notify us immediately at 1-888-BIOTHERM (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time). The carrier will be notified and the damaged package will be replaced.

Recyclability & Disposal Advisory

Possibly recyclable packaging components (USA Disposal Advisory):

If the packaging components feature a recyclability advisory, they may be collected in your local community, but actual recycling rates in the USA are currently very low. Biotherm encourages sorting used materials to foster good waste management habits for when US recycling rates.

Non-recyclable packaging components (USA Disposal Advisory):

If the packaging components do not feature a recyclability advisory, they are not currently recycled by municipal recycling programs in the USA. Biotherm encourages sorting used materials to foster good waste management habits for when US recycling rates increase.

What is Life Plankton?

Born in the French Pyrenees, Life Plankton™ is a probiotic extract containing 35 nutrients that deliver intense regenerating hydration for visibly soothed, soft and luminous skin. They are sustainably produced in France since 1994 and are 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable, true to our Blue Beauty commitments.

All Biotherm products are infused with Life Plankton™ probiotic extracts to deliver intense regenerating hydration, whereas our Life Plankton™ Collection features products which include Life Plankton™ probiotic extract at its highest concentration.

Acting on 8 dimensions of the skin and delivering results within the first 8 days of use, Life Plankton™ probiotic extracts provide multiple benefits:

  1. Balance ➝ Sebum ➝ Life Plankton™ rebalances the natural functions of the skin
  2. Firmness ➝ Elasticity ➝ Life Plankton™ decreases the elastase activity
  3. Fairness ➝  Melanin ➝ Life Plankton™ acts as a powerful anti-oxidant
  4. Resilience ➝  Sensitivity ➝ Life Plankton™ inhibits the inflammatory answers
  5. Luminosity ➝ Hydration ➝ Life Plankton™ rebalances the natural functions of the skin
  6. Smoothness ➝ Wrinkles ➝ Life Plankton™ rebalances the natural functions of the skin
  7. Purity ➝ Imperfections ➝ Life Plankton™ reinforces anti-microbial skin barrier
  8. Refinement ➝ Pores ➝ Life Plankton™ improves skin quality

Life Plankton™ probiotic extracts strengthen skin's natural defense and protect against age, environmental aggressions and lifestyle attacks while strenghtening skin's self-protection function and preventing attacks on skin cells.

Our Blue Beauty Commitments

Blue Beauty is a holistic approach to beauty that offers products that take care of your skin while taking care of the planet. Blue Beauty is beauty that can launch a wave of positive change. At Biotherm, we have an ambitious Blue Beauty roadmap built on 4 pillars which focus on ingredients, formulas, sustainable design and community empowerment.

Biotherm believes in using its Blue Biotech expertise to produce ingredients that are more potent, more sustainable and more natural. Our sustainable biotech processes allow us to transform water micro-organisms with high skin bio-affinity into high performing skincare ingredients.

We closely monitor the impact of our formulas on aquatic life and use our Water Lovers Formulation Charter, created in 2019, to improve all formulas and to ensure we reduce their impact on aquatic life.

Biotherm strives to use sustainable & recycled materials at every touchpoint, from packaging to retail.

We advocate for our oceans by working with the NGOs and experts that know them best. Since 2012, we are committed to a better future for our oceans through our Water Lovers program.


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