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Discover how to heal your skin and renew it before the damages of the sun become visible.
26 Jun 2019

Summer is not quite over yet, but your skin is already starting to show signs of dryness, tightness and irritation? Because you should not wait until the damages of the sun really become visible, here is the best way to heal your skin and renew it before the warm sunshine definitely fades away!

Why is it important to restore my skin?

No matter how dedicated you are to your skincare routine and regardless of the products you use, Biotherm’s research has found that our skin is unable to benefit from skincare products unless it has been restored to its optimal state first. So how should you renew your skin? Since it discovered Life Plankton™’s miraculous healing properties, Biotherm has been determined to make the most of this unique ingredient by conducting relentless research and infusing it in all of our products. In 2014, Biotherm specifically created the Life Plankton™ range - each product containing 5% of Life Plankton™, the highest concentration - in order to heal skins of all ages and lifestyles, using the ingredient’s unparalleled regenerating power in the most various ways.

What is skin resilience?

In order to understand why it is important to restore and renew our skin, it can be useful to explain what skin resilience really is! Indeed, skin is made of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the key to keeping our skin looking plump and resilient, with a supple and youthful appearance. However, as the years go by, our levels of collagen and elastin have a tendency to deplete, causing wrinkles and fine lines to appear. That is when products infused with Life Plankton™ come into play.

What are Life Plankton™’s actions?

Life Plankton™ acts to transform, heal and renew skin on three levels. Firstly, by strengthening its natural defenses, this special ingredient helps the skin to fight against daily aggressions and be better protected against the damage our busy city life may cause. Life Plankton™ also reinforces our skin by acting as a soothing skin booster. Indeed, it has an anti-inflammatory action and helps relieve the skin from oxidative and inflammatory stress. Last but not least, the powerful ingredient regenerates in depth by re-empowering the skin with the ability to heal and renew itself from within.

How should I renew my skin?

Here are the three indispensable steps for a healthy, regenerated looking skin

1. A gentle exfoliator

Cleaning your skin in depth is a must in every skincare routine, especially if you want to prepare it for renewal and make it radiant again. BIOSOURCE Self Foaming Cleanser gently cleans and rids skin of impurities and dead cells. The light, foaming texture transforms into a smooth and delicate cream which cleanses gently and completely even delicate, sensitive skin. Soap-free to avoid skin dryness, the formula (non-drying active ingredient + soft surfactant) softens the skin.

2. A powerful renewing essence

As lightweight as cosmetic water, as effective as a serum, Life Plankton™ Essence penetrates quickly into your skin and efficiently prepares it for renewal. Created to be the first step of every skincare routine, this fundamental skin healing treatment transforms your skin, making it look younger, clearer and brighter. For maximum efficiency, use it in the morning and in the evening on a perfectly cleansed skin. Shake well before applying 5-6 drops of the original Life Plankton™ Essence to boost skin resilience, improve its texture and reduce skin dryness. In only 8 days, your skin already starts to show signs of a renewal.


3. Protect and strengthen


An important part of the healing process is also to reinforce and protect your skin. You can complete this renewing routine with a lightweight and creamy fluid that will protect your skin from external aggressors (pollution, UV-rays, stress…) and replenish its moisture levels at the same time. Enriched with the highest concentration possible of thermal Life Plankton™ Biotherm Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion will heal your skin and strengthen its barrier. Thanks to its highly efficient formula, this fluid will reinforce your sensitive skin and help it become less and less reactive. You can easily use Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion as a daily moisturizer for sensitive skin. After an effective cleansing and the application of the essence, massage three pumps into your skin from the center of the face outwards, focusing on dry areas. With its soothing and calming action, Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion will relieve your stressed and tight skin. Day after day, you will wake up to stronger, healthier, with a newborn skin!

You now have the tools to renew your skin and make it healthy again. But do not forget that this skincare routine can be used no matter the season, whenever you feel your skin needs a little boost!

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Regenerate and heal your skin with Life Plankton™, a rare natural living ingredient with extraordinary skin-healing powers. The Life Plankton range boosts skin regeneration to achieve a visibly healthy and flawless complexion. Reignite skin’s natural biological renewal process for visibly younger, newborn skin in 8 days.

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