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Wondering what is the best wrinkle cream for sensitive skin? Biotherm has exactly what your skin needs from the best moisturizer for sensitive skin to the best face wash for sensitive skin and more! Find your new favourite products today!

What is the Best Anti-Aging Cream for Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin on face, you know what a struggle it can be to find products that are gentle enough for you. Trying new products can be stressful because you don’t want anything to irritate your skin or make it feel more uncomfortable throughout the day. At Biotherm, we completely understand, which is why we have created the best face moisturizer for sensitive skin, the best face wash for sensitive skin, neck cream for sensitive skin, and anti-aging cream without parabens that are all safe for even the most sensitive skin types!

As we get older we need to switch up our skincare routines accordingly. If you want younger looking skin you’ll want to ensure your skincare routine has sensitive skin cleansers, a sensitive skin toner, the best eye firming cream for sensitive skin, a gel cream for sensitive skin, the best moisturizer for sensitive skin or a hydrating gel for sensitive skin. Wondering what the best face cream for sensitive skin is? At Biotherm, all our products are suitable for sensitive skin, and so is our anti-aging Blue Therapy Collection which has everything your sensitive skin on face needs!

What are the Best Products for Sensitive Skin on Face?

When it comes to establishing an anti-aging skincare routine for sensitive skin, it is important to include sensitive skin cleansers, sensitive skin toner, neck cream for sensitive skin, as well as the best moisturizer for sensitive skin to get optimal results. Whether you’re looking for the best face wash for sensitive skin or need an anti aging cream without parabens, we have the perfect skincare regime for you!

If a hydrating gel for sensitive skin is what you’re after, our Blue Retinol Cream is an ultra-lightweight cream texture that contains Retinol to hydrate the skin and give your complexion a rosy, radiant look to it. This gel cream for sensitive skin has a melting point similar to the skin’s surface temperature which allows the moisturizer and the skin to instantly become one upon contact. You’ll notice your skin feels suppler, looks more radiant, and feels smoother within 4 weeks of using it!

When it comes to anti aging for sensitive skin, we can’t forget about serum. For that we have our Blue Retinol Serum to match the moisturizer and give you even more powerful results! Our serum helps fight visible signs of aging and instantly softens your skin. It targets wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of firmness to give you dramatically improved skin over time!

In the same collection, we also have our Blue Therapy Eye which is the best eye firming cream for sensitive skin. This one is great for repairing existing wrinkles, adding firmness, and hiding darkness. It acts on the signs of accumulated damage to give you the appearance of younger, luminous looking skin! The formula smooths wrinkles while the eye contour feels noticeably tighter. Any under eye darkness is visibly reduced too for a noticeable transformation that all skin types can benefit from!