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Prep you skin for summer men edition

Prep you skin for summer men edition
Tips for men

On your marks, get set…summer. The season of surfing, outdoor BBQs and beach days means more fun, but also more sweating, sun exposure and more humid air outside. Make sure your skin is ready to take on the season with this easy ritual designed to help skin transition from the cooler weather to summer. Just a few simple steps and must-have products are all you need to keep skin feeling comfortable and looking healthy.


Summer means more sweating. Sweat gathers bacteria and oil and ends up in your pores, causing acne and other impurities. Men’s skin is oilier to begin with so cleaning the face twice a day is imperative to cleanse the pores and remove excess oil. Make sure to cleanse morning and night, plus after a sweaty workout or a long time in the sun. 

Humidity, hot conditions, heat strokes, sudden fright or simply Oily Skin skin.... Can create shiny skin, a universal concern for men. For the 1st time, T-pur facial cleanser, enriched with sea minerals complex (anti-bacterial sea algae extract + zinc) and absorbing mineral perlite, regulates sebum and master’s humidity excess and sweat, to help protect skin against shine, for no-compromise results.
Excess sebum is neutralized, excess sweat is reduced. Skin is radically mattified and feels neat and clean all day long. Its white clay-like texture helps neutralizing impurities caused by dust, sebum, pollution and sweat.

Follow the 3-step T-pur program for better efficacy:

1. Cleanser that neutralizes impurities
2. Lotion that reduces pores
3. Moisturizer that matifies all day long.

Follow the 3-step T-pur program for better efficacy


After cleansing or after shaving that can lead to irritation, it is important to hydrate your skin. Plus, being out in the sun all day can severely dry out your skin. Remember : even before the scorching summer months, the sun in Springtime is still strong. Dry skin can make you look tired and wrinkles are more prominent when skin is dry. Make sure to restore lost moisture in the skin with a regular hydration ritual.

Aquapower Gel Moisturizer for normal to combination skin quenches, tones and leaves skin feeling soft and supple all day. The ultra fresh cream-gel texture, enriched with soothing Life Plankton™ keeps skin strong and ready to fight external daily aggressions. Plus, it does not leave skin shiny or greasy, making it the perfect ally for the coming summer months.



Sun protection is an essential part of any summer men’s skin routine. The sun is the #1 external aggressor that causes signs of aging to appear on the skin. UV rays belongs to the n°1 factor responsible for. Waterlover Sun Milk is an innovative anti-aging sunscreen that protects against damage from UV rays such as wrinkles, dark spots and dehydration. This triple-action formula protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays with a broad-spectrum formula also rich in Vitamin E. It contains the regenerating Life Plankton™ Probiotic fraction with an added boost of 24H hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes skin.


Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, beach sports and late-night sunset gatherings, which can also be stressful on the body. Make sure you take time to rest when needed and indulge your skin in a deliciously smooth and fabulously fresh hydrating break with Lait Corporel L’Original Body Milk. This iconic formula instantly makes the skin of the whole body look and feel soft and smooth and help to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and improve elasticity. Enriched with citrus extracts for a pleasurable experience for all the senses, this non-sticky, non-greasy lotion penetrates easily into the skin, leaving it feeling completely refreshed.

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