The men’s skincare solution to dark circles

What causes dark circles and how can I get rid of them?
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Under eye circles can get the best of us. Sometimes they seem to appear overnight for no reason. Often, they seem to overstay their welcome, leaving a mark on our expression that we would prefer not be there. But why do they appear and how can we treat them? Let us walk you through it.

Living in an urban setting often results in living a very dynamic lifestyle. While life in the city is exciting and always changing, your skin can often take a hit in urban environments. Did you know that the skin under the eye is the first to show signs of urban accelerated aging? This delicate part of the skin becomes affected by many factors of an urban lifestyle. For example, daily exposure to pollution acts like an exacerbating factor on the skin. Lack of sleep and intensive stress, both common factors in city living, have been directly contributed to causing dark under eye circles.

While we cannot change the way you live or the aggressors to which you are exposed, we can help you find solutions that treat the effects of urban accelerated aging.

Are your eyes beginning to look older than you feel inside?

They say age is in the eye of the beholder, so do not let the skin around your eyes reveal an age you do not feel fits your spirit. Given that the area around the eyes contains the most delicate skin on our face, as we begin to age, the skin around the eyes loses elasticity. This results in signs of aging with the development of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and loss of firmness. Biotherm Homme cannot turn back the clock, but we can help target and treat your under eye area to prevent and treat this common skincare concern with:


This powerful eye serum penetrates quickly into the delicate area around the eye. With the powerful combination of three active ingredients, the rebuilding power of Extract of Blue Algae, the skin redensifying power of Pro-Xylane™ and the regenerative power of Life Plankton™, the delicate skin around the eye is actively rejuvenated and protected against daily urban aggressors. With daily use, both morning and evening, the eye area appears smoother, plumper and visibly brightened.

Is dry, dull skin leaving your appearance lackluster and in need of brightening?

As we know, daily life in an urban setting takes its toll on the skin. With pollution, lack of sleep, stress, weather changes, and so on, our skin can often begin to appear dry, dull and start feeling tight or itchy. As a result of dry skin under the eye, dark circles may begin to appear. If you feel that your eye area is in need of boost of hydration, we recommend:


This refreshing and comfortable eye contour gel enriched with Caffeine, Life Plankton™ and Menthol leaves the skin with an anti-fatigue cooling effect. This effectively hydrates the reactive and delicate skin around the eyelids, smoothing and softening the epidermis of this region and reducing signs of fatigue such as puffiness or dark circles day after day.

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