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Celebrate the Inspiring Women Making Waves

Celebrate the Inspiring Women Making Waves
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International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements of women throughout history and honor the strong women’s making waves in the world today.

Women Water Lovers all over the world are taking action to help to protect the oceans. The 2021 International Women’s Day theme is : “Choose to Challenge.” From challenge, comes change. Today, we celebrate the women who choose to challenge the status quo and take action to protect our oceans. Water is at the heart of Biotherm. Since 2012, the brand has been committed to the preservation of the world’s waters with its Water Lovers program. Women from all over the world are part of this global group of ocean-lovers who act daily to raise awareness and preserve waters from plastic pollution and preserve our planet’s most precious element.

The pioneer: Jeanne Marissal

Jeanne Marissal is part of Biotherm’s extraordinary origin story. In 1952, on a trip to the French Pyrenees, Dr. Jos Jullien journeyed to a miraculous fountain where Roman warriors would bathe after battle to heal their wounds and discovered Life PlanktonTM . Just after this discovery, Dr Jullien met a young Monaco-based cosmetician, Jeanine Marissal. Together they realized Life plantkonTM's increadible skin affninty and its enormous potential as a skincare ingredient. And Biotherm was born. Biotherm biologists developed a unique bio-fermentation process called Fermogenesis™, which allowed Life PlanktonTM to be made 400,000 times more concentrated than that of its natural state. Thanks to pioneering women like Jeanne Marissal, today, Biotherm continues to use this miracle ingredient to protect skin from urban aggressions for millions of women all over the world.

The ocean activist: Dr. Sylvia Earle

Ever since 2012, when Biotherm introduced the Water Lovers program, the brand have worked together with Mission Blue. Founded by Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue empowers individuals and communities to protect special places around the world that are critical to the health of ocean. These places – known as "Hope Spots" – are critical to the ongoing mission of restoring and preserving the world's oceans. For eight years, Biotherm has worked alongside Mission Blue to help preserve Hope Spots around the globe.

The conscious campaigner: Amber Valletta 

Actress, model and campaigner Amber Valletta is the epitome of a strong woman with the self-confidence to achieve her ambitions and campaign for what she believes in. Hers is a rare kind of beauty. Today, she brings her high values and that unique self- composed beauty to Biotherm as the face of Blue Therapy. Committed to ecological causes, Valletta has represented global ocean preservation organization Oceana, notably fronting their campaign against the mercury contamination of seafood, since 2005. And she’s also politically- engaged. In Jan. 2008, she appeared, holding Auden, in a Will.I.Am-produced video to support then-presidential candidate Barack Obama called “yes We Can”.


Join the women all over the world to take action to help protect our blue lung. Today is the perfect time to start. How? Join an ocean clean-up with Surfrider Foundation Europe, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the world's oceans.Turn your self-care ritual into caring for the planet. Biotherm’s packaging and formulas have been designed with the oceans in mind. Women like you who are committed to the oceans are the beating heart of the Biotherm Water Lovers program. Let’s create a better future together. Thank you to all of the inspiring women who have joined the fight to protect our planet’s blue lung.

Happy Women’s Day from Biotherm!

Happy Women’s Day from Biotherm!
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