Join Biotherm fight against water pollution

Join Biotherm in its fight against water pollution

Living a sustainable life is important to you? What if you expanded sustainability all the way to your bathroom? With its commitment on water preservation, Biotherm helps you take care of your skin in a sustainable way. Join the brand in its fight against water pollution!

When it comes to skincare, it is not always easy to be eco-friendly. Product formulas can be bad for the environment, especially water, while their packaging can seem complicated to recycle. The good news is that this environmental issue is starting to be addressed with awareness campaigns and actions that are being taken. Biotherm who is committed to preserving waters and fighting against its pollution has been acting in this way for more than 10 years now. Want to be part of the solution? Read on!

Biotherm’s actions to raise awareness on waste sorting and water pollution

You can take care of yourself and of your skin while also taking action and choosing brands that care about the environment. Among the first things you can do at your level is go for recycling! In its commitment to preserving the environment, Biotherm raises awareness on waste throughout the products’ lifetime: from design and production to recycling.

When possible, products are developed to be recyclable. Therefore, we choose materials accordingly: we favor glass when it is feasible and relevant, we limit to the maximum the use of virgin plastic from fossil origin as well as what could disrupt recycling when it is achievable.

We also act after products are developed to encourage people to recycle. In fact, when it comes to non-sorting in cosmetics, uncertainty is the main cause: almost half of the people lack explanations on how to sort their skincare products. To overcome this issue, Biotherm is going to add more waste sorting guidelines on their packaging to help people who want to recycle their cosmetics. Also, to raise awareness among consumers we want to partner with dedicated social campaigns, like we did in France with  “Trions en Beauté”, a l'Oréal campaign that aims to increase recycling of beauty products.

Moreover, since 2012 Biotherm has been committed to the preservation of the oceans with its Water Lovers program. We inform people and encourage them to take action with our partners such as the Surfrider Foundation Europe regarding beach cleanups and the collect of plastic pollution, and with the Tara Ocean Foundation regarding the risks of plastic pollution. We also contribute to oceans preservation with the creation of Hope Spots with our partner Mission Blue.

How can you act to reduce plastic pollution?

A good way to start is to keep in mind the big principles to act at your level, the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. First, reduce, which means that before buying anything, you should ask yourself if you really need it. Furthermore, you can reduce single use products that can be replaced by more sustainable products. For instance, you can switch disposable cotton pads with washable ones, same with cotton swabs. Second, reuse by creating a new life for your containers. You can do “upcycling” and turn bottles into vases or use them for decoration. Third, recycle by regularly sorting waste in your bathroom and throwing out skincare products that are finished.

Not sure about how you can sort out your skincare products? Here are some examples:

How should I recycle my moisturizer?

Let’s take the example with the Aquasource gel container. When Aquasource gel is empty, the glass jar should be separated from the plastic cap. The glass jar gets recycled with the glass bottles, while the plastic cap goes into the household waste bin. By the way, there is no need to rinse off the container before throwing it away, it will be done directly by the factory and save unnecessary water use!

What about my cleanser?

If you have a cleanser with a pump, such as the BIOSOURCE Self Foaming Cleanser for instance, when the product is empty, you should separate the pump because it is composed of small parts that cannot be recycled such as a spring steel. The bottle should be put to recycle and the pump in the household waste bin. Starting today, 400ml bottles of our Biosource cleansers have a pack that aim to reduce our ecological footprint, they have 18% less plastic and are made of 25% recycled plastic. For 2020, we have also committed to replace all our PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles into 100% recycled plastic.

What about my sunscreen?

In order to recycle your Waterlover Sun Milk or Waterlover Sun Mist, you can do exactly the same as with Biosource cleansers. However, for our Waterlover Sun Milk and Waterlover Sun Mist, we went one step further in our commitment to preserve waters and fight plastic pollution. Indeed, bottles are made of 100% recycled plastic and are recyclable, as for the formula it was specifically created to preserve waters. When it comes to suncare, formulas are blamed because when we go swimming, the product ends up in the oceans and can harm aquatic life. In 2020, the new Waterlover Sun Milk received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, one of the world’s most demanding environmental certifications. Its formula whose base is 97% biodegradable, was tested on our aquatic life platform. This platform holds 7 microorganisms that are representative of life in the waters and allows us to make sure our formula is respectful of this aquatic life. Indeed, aquatic ecosystems are key for our planet.

With all these tips in mind, you are now fully ready to join us in our fight against water pollution!

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