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Everything you need to know about skin firmness

Everything you need to know about skin firmness
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What is skin firmness? 

Skin firmness refers to skin that is smooth and supple, taut and bounces back into place even after you stretch or pull it. When skin is firm, it looks glowing and healthy.

From a scientific perspective, skin firmness is determined by two structural proteins: collagen and elastin. Collagen makes up around 30% of all protein in the human body and is responsible to keeping skin supple and firm. Elastin is found in the middle layers of the skin and gives it flexibility. Elastin allows skin to stretch and contract back into its original shape – a bit like a rubber band.

How can I tell if my skin lacks firmness?

When skin lacks firmness, it starts to sag, and wrinkles and fine lines appear. Skin firmness is one of the most characteristic external signs of aging. Fine lines begin to appear, particularly in the area around the eyes and skin can begin to sag around the eyes, jawline and neck. Try this easy test: Pinch the sides of your cheeks gently. Your skin should stretch, then bounce back into place when you release your fingers.

What causes skin to lose firmness? 

Age is the primary factor for the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Starting in our 20s or 30s, we naturally produce less collagen each year. Youthful and healthy skin depends on proper cellular cohesion. While we cannot turn back the clock, we can prevent urban aggressions from causing loss of skin firmness.

Too much sun exposure causes collagen to break down and elastin to degrade.

UV radiation causes free radicals to form which damages skin cells.

Diet and lifestyle can also contribute to collagen loss. When there is excess sugar in the bloodstream, it reacts with proteins to cause glycation. This has a directly negative effect on collagen and elastin. 

Dehydration can also affect collagen and elastin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, made up of countless cells which all function best when they are hydrated. 

What can I do to boost my skin’s firmness?

While you cannot stop time or prevent growing older, you can take steps to protect collagen and elastin and keep skin as firm as possible.

Avoid long-term UV exposure by avoiding the sun or protecting skin from the sun with quality sunscreen such as Waterlover Sun Milk lotion. Eat a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, zinc, antioxidants and other skin-boosting nutrients with food and drinks like leafy greens, broccoli, walnuts, almonds, and green tea. Avoid sugar whenever possible since this weakens collagen and elastin. Plus, make sure to get your beauty sleep. Sleep is when the skin repairs itself from stress and damage accumulated during the day so getting rest, preferably 8 hours per night, allows the skin to naturally complete its recovery process. 

What can I do to boost my skin’s firmness?

What is the best firming skincare routine?

Step 1: Life Plankton™ Elixir

Start your skincare routine with Life Plankton™ Elixir, Biotherm’s fundamental serum in perfect affinity with your skin. Thanks to the highest concentration of Life Plankton™ at 5%, the “healing dose”, it renews your skin in only 8 days whatever your age or skin condition. With a breakthrough light, fast-fusing and fresh serum texture, it is instantly absorbed into the skin and prepares it to receive the rest of the skincare routine to slow down skin ageing accelerated by external aggressions.

Step 2: Blue Therapy Uplift Cream 

Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Uplift exists in day, night and rich creams to help to prevent visible signs of aging and heal skin from urban aggressions. The products contain Red Algae, aka hydrolyzed rhodophycea extract, one of the most powerful algae on earth, capable of transforming and restructuring itself eternally when challenged by a harsh environment. Thanks to its components similar to skin’s dermal matrix, it restructures collagen fibers and prevents elastin fibers from breaking down, reshaping facial contours and smoothing wrinkles. Collagen peptide fraction stimulates collagen synthesis to preserve fibers and skin structure. Together, these two powerful ingredients help skin to retain elasticity and help skin to recover its firmness. The healing power of Life PlanktonTM also combines with these ingredients to heal, renew and protect the skin. Skin looks visibly lifted and firm with a youthful, healthy glow.

of Life PlanktonTM also combines with these ingredients to heal, renew and protect the skin. Skin looks visibly lifted and firm with a youthful, healthy glow.

Step 3: Treat your skin to a firming massage 

Boost the effects of your Blue Therapy Uplift Day Cream with a firming and lifting facial massage. To firm, grasp and roll the skin over the wrinkles between the index and thumb positioned horizontally from the jaw to the forehead. This refill the depth of wrinkles to boost skin density and smooth wrinkles away. To lift, with your fingertips, smooth along your jawline until your neck to lift it. Smooth upwards from the corners of your lips to the outer corners of your eyes, and then from your eyebrows to the top of your forehead. This naturally uplifts your face contours. 

What is the best firming skincare routine?
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