Prepare your skin for spring with the right face masks

What face masks should I use to prepare my skin for spring?
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Spring is in the air, nature is blooming, and temperatures are finally going up. With the change of seasons, it is important to adapt our beauty routine and give our skin the care it deserves. Here we give you all the keys to relax, take a step back while giving your skin the perfect dose of hydration and make it healthy again. 

With our high-paced city life, our skin has to deal with daily damage caused by pollution, stress, lack of sleep… These external aggressors can provoke dullness, dryness or even breakouts. In addition to implementing a thoughtful beauty routine, one of the first steps you can take to treat your skin is to moisturize intensely. Read on to discover the best ways to hydrate your skin and take some time to unwind!

Why is it important to relax while treating my skin?

It is no secret that life can be stressful. Between work, family and social life, finding time for ourselves can be quite a challenge! But not taking time to relax can be damaging for our body, our mind, and even our skin. There are a few tricks you can implement to relieve stress, and what better time to do it then when taking care of your skin? Created to give you a flash of hydration when your skin needs it the most, the moisture charged Aqua Flash Masks will make your skin healthy and target its specific needs whether it is glow, bounce or purity. They are also a perfect moment to apply winding down techniques to reconnect with yourself and give you the ultimate self-care. Furthermore, a relaxed skin will allow the skin to be more receptive to the active ingredients in the masks and let them better penetrate it. Here are several techniques to implement while giving your skin the dose of hydration it wants and make it radiant, plumper or purer.

How can I decompress and make my skin look suppler?

Looking for a way to combat dryness? Infused with hyaluronic acid and life plankton™ water, Aqua Bounce Flash Mask provides your skin with a 24h hydration and reduces trans epidermal water loss. This second skin tissue face mask improves the skin tonicity, elasticity and firmness and reduces fine lines. It should be applied after you have cleansed and dried your face, and before you apply your day care. Unfold it and lay it on your face, making sure to match up the eyes, nose and mouth holes. Then gently remove the blue film and smooth the sheet face mask with your fingers to create optimal contact with your skin. Leave on for 15 minutes.

While you let the active ingredients of the face mask penetrate your skin, you can take this time to implement breathing exercises which are one of the simplest ways to relax and effectively calm your body and mind any time at home. You can either sit or lay down on your bed or on the floor and put one of your hands on your belly. Then breathe into a slow count of three, and then breathe out to the same slow count of three. Feel your belly rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Repeat five times, or as long as you need to feel relaxed.

Once you feel calm and for extra efficiency of the face mask, you can gently massage the remaining product all over you face and neck. There is no need to rinse it off and if necessary you can remove the extra product with a cotton pad. Enjoy your relaxed healthier and bouncier looking skin!

How can I wind down and make my skin more radiant?

Your skin is dull and you feel like giving it its glow back? The Aqua Glow Flash Mask will intensely hydrate your skin, reduce its dullness, and make it feel fresh and appear more radiant. Enriched with life plankton™ water and vitamin C, this moisture charged sheet face mask that feels like a second skin will make your skin luminous in just a flash. Whenever your want to restore your glow, you can apply it after having cleansed and dried your face, and before applying your day care. Once you have unfolded it and laid it on your face, leave on for 15 minutes.

To maximize the benefits of this face mask, you can take this time to try to wind down by releasing physical tension. Lay on a soft surface, such as your bed, a carpet, or a yoga mat if you have one. When laying down, tense up one part of your body at a time and then slowly release your muscles. As you do this, try to notice how your body sensations change. You can start with the muscles in your face and then work your way through the muscles across your body to the opposite end. Once you are done, there is no need to rinse off the mask, but you can still remove the excess with a cotton pad. You are glowing from the inside and the outside!

How can I clear my mind and purify my skin?

If your skin is prone to breakouts and imperfections, the Aqua Pure Flash Mask is exactly what you need. With its combination of life plankton™ water and salicylic acid, it helps to purify your skin and makes it appear clearer and fresher. This moisture sheet face mask charges up your skin with hydration while improving its appearance. Indeed, it has been designed to intensely heal skin imperfections, enlarged pores and excess sebum for a healthier-looking clear skin. Your skin will feel super pure and super hydrated. The Aqua Pure Flash Mask should be used after cleansing, before your day care and should be left on your skin for 15 minutes.

Why not use that time to write down your thoughts?  Indeed, a good way to relax is by getting things off your mind by writing them down. It does not have to be long, but just expressing how you are feeling or how your day is going may help release stress. Another good tip is to make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Once you have written down these few notes, you can take off the remaining excess of the face mask with a cotton pad, and enjoy your purified, healthy skin!

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