Our Expertise

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Blue Science

Transforming skin with world’s waters biodiversity


Pre-empted by medicine and pharmacy, this underwater biodiversity is science’s most promising territory. Immense diversity, much larger than the terrestrial environment. Very broad and rich perspective + almost unexplored area.  Exceptional originality by both number and composition.


Biologically, with its 70% water content, the human skin composition has more in common with aquatic organisms than land plants.  Like skin, these extreme organisms have developed specific mechanisms of defense to resist and fight against external aggressions and dehydration as well as the ability to regenerate themselves.

Skin knowledge & performance

Biotherm makes skincare and nothing but skincare. So we devote equal resources to advancing our understanding of the skin’s processes.


Creating first-of-a-kind textures

Our Commitments

Improving our product’s environmental profile across the lifecycle

Sourcing Responsibly

Our waterborn actives are sustainably sourced using biothechnology

Upping Biodegradability

Our rinse-off formulas are at least 90% biodegradable and all our scrubs use natural exfoliators

Improving Packaging

All our cardboard is FSC-certified. Our 50-ml. jars are made of 40% recycled glass. We’ve saved 35 tons of paper and 26 tons of plastic

Producing Better

In 2020, our manufacturing will have cut its environmental footprint by 20%.

Discover our charter of development

Biotherm supports Mission Blue, our water protection partner

Every ocean has a hope spot.

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