Our Commitments

Figure 1

Of the oxygen we breathe

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Of our planet

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Of all life forms

Figure 4

Of our future

Water Represents

Less than 3%
is protected

Biotherm Water Lovers

Beauty with
a blue heart

From packaging and formulae to education and philanthropy, Water Lovers is Biotherm’s action platform – on an internal and external level – to help protect the Planet’s waters, both a source and an inspiration for our unique skincare products upon which all life depends
the Planet’s blue heart.

our environment

Internally, Biotherm Water Lovers has developed a span sustainable water plan. We are committed to developing more sustainable water use and environmental best practices in the production of existing and future projects. See our charter of development.

Discover our charter of development

Working with
leading water charity

Both on local and global scale, starting with Mission Blue, Biotherm Water Lovers funds projects that help protect the world’s waters by creating ‘Hope Spots’ or marine protected areas large enough to restore the blue heart of the planet - the future of tomorrow’s healthy ocean.

Since 2012 Biotherm Water Lovers has raised more than 350,000 euros thanks to proceeds from limited editions of our most popular skincare products.


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