our ingredients:

responsible sourcing

Protecting biodiversity: we stringently evaluate every active ingredient and supplier to ensure conformity to the principles of international Convention on Biological Diversity.

Prioritizing blue biotechnology: in the selection of our aquatic active ingredients, we favor those obtained by blue Biotechnology, a sustainable and controlled source of aquatic actives.


our formulas:

breaking it down

Improving biodegradability of rinse-off formulas: each of our new rinse-off formulas must be 90% biodegradable or more and we’re reformulating existing rinse-off formulas with a biodegradability indicator inferior to 80%.

We’re substituting non-biodegradable polyethylene particles in our scrubs with natural exfoliators of botanical or mineral origin.

Raising the rincability bar: we’re researching technologies to develop products that are even easier to rinse off in quick-time – for shorter showers using less water.


our packaging:

reducing and improving

Using fsc-certified cardboard packaging: by 2014, 100% of our cardboard packaging will be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified.

Saving paper and plastic: by notably eliminating instruction leaflets and eco-redesigning our plastic bottles we saved 35 metric tons of paper and 26 metric tons of plastic in the last 2 years.

Maximizing use of recycled glass: each of our 50 ml glass jars contains 40% recycled glass.


our manufacturing:

a smaller footprint

Producing sustainably: by 2020 we’re committed to reducing our environmental footprint by 60% (CO2 emissions, water consumption, waste production).


our consumers:

raising awarness

We encourage and help our consumers for selective sorting and paper saving through innovative communications tools.