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PUREFECT SKIN 2 in 1 pore mask - Mask

PUREFECT SKIN 2 in 1 pore mask

Fossil and clay mask deep extractor & micro-exfoliator

With 1 mask, 2 ways to minimize pores and perfect your skin.
Biotherm advances its skin-perfecting expertise with PureFect Skin 2 in 1 Pore Mask. This twin action pore minimizer extracts impurities deep within each pore while micro-exfoliating the surface, pore by pore. Cleansed in 1 minute, pores appear as invisible. Smoothed, its texture renewed, skin is brightened, clarified and purified.

Behind PureFect Skin Mask’s twin power on visible pores is a combination of 2 key ingredients: Deep-extracting White Clay and Smoothing-exfoliating Diatomeas.
The purifying Clay Extract, fused with a 300 million-year-old micro-exfoliating Fossil Algae Extract, has for a 2 in 1 shrinking and smoothing action. The “Diamond-sharp” Fossil Diatomeas Extracts micro-exfoliate the skin pore by pore. Any remaining impurities are eliminated.
Skin relief is smoothed, less grainy and less shiny. Deeply cleansed, pores are as invisible.

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Home Face By Category Mask and Exfoliator Mask PUREFECT SKIN 2 in 1 pore mask


CLAY EXTRACT for pumping power: A composite of small mineral elements - first carried along by rivers thanks to erosion, before finally settling in lakes or seas to create clay - this very fine material entraps microscopic particles as it dries and helps eliminate impurities at skin surface amongst them, pollution particles.

DIATOMEAS EXTRACTS for high definition exfoliation:
This 300 million-year-old fossil algae derivative is composed of particles about three times smaller than pores for an oily skin. Each particle features thousands of micro-perforations and abrasive edges as sharp as diamonds for the finest, most effective exfoliation.

Paraben Free.

Proven Results

Tested on Caucasian women who say *:

- Pores are cleansed in 1 minute: 83% 
- The product gently exfoliates for skin texture as renewed: 88%
- The product absorbs shininess, even stubborn: 88%
- Pores look less visible: 83%
- Skin has a ”clean skin” touch dry and matt: 100%
- Skin looks smoother: 93%

  * Self-assessments - 40 Caucasian women - 4 weeks


Step 1: Deep extraction.
Apply a generous layer at the skin and leave on for 1 minute: the formula thanks to white clay infiltrates the pores to deeply extract impurities.
Pores are virtually shrinked.

Step 2: micro-exfoliation.
Massage while rinsing with warm water to reveal the diatomeae extracts. Exfoliated with great precision, skin texture seems smoothed and refined.
Pores look imperceptible



A transformative texture - a mask that dries in 1 minute and becomes an exfoliating mask while rinsing - enriched in White Clay and Fossil Diatomaes Extracts, for purified skin with pores as invisible.

Home Face By Category Mask and Exfoliator Mask PUREFECT SKIN 2 in 1 pore mask


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